Entrati Lab - Vessel M

I had the opportunity to design and finish both Vessels for the "Whispers in the Wall" update, I also did the final placement in-game. We wanted to show different experiments and stages of the Vessels through the levels, so I made a full interior in Entrati Tech and an exterior carcass. The final size for these versions were pretty big and needed to fit the level art and allow for gameplay, I had to do a lot of tricks to make it hold. Super fun work, thanks to the team for all the help
Creative Director: Rebecca Ford
Art Director: Kary Black
Lead env: Dean Field and Greg Tchjen
Principal Level Artist: AAron Hoffmann
Level Artists: Alaric Antos, Yulian Nakov
Lighting: Derek Patterson, Jeremy Andress
Env Art: Clemence Plante, Yoan Autin, Kai Webb, Brian Yu, Michael Hyman, Tim Pogson, Artyom Larin, Diogo Azambuja
Material Artist: Logan Williams